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  • Best Fall Activities in Orlando

    Now that we’re officially in last 90 days of the year and according to the calendar it’s “fall” - although I’m sure we can all agree that fall shouldn’t entail 90 degree weather but I digress - I thought it would be fun to create a roundup of the best fall activities in Orlando to check out this month! I absolutely love going out and finding fun + unique things to do in my city. You might even be … READ MORE

    Best Fall Activities in Orlando
  • Top 10 Things to Do in Lucerne, Switzerland

    I recently chatted about my Viking River Cruise experience and mentioned how I would be spotlighting the various destinations in future posts. For my first feature, it was an easy choice to create a guide on things to do in the charming city of Lucerne, Switzerland.  Nestled amongst the snowcapped mountains on Lake Lucerne, I was fortunate enough to spend 3 days in this city soaking up the … READ MORE

    Top 10 Things to Do in Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Apartment Tour

    Earlier this week, I posted on my Instagram Stories a poll on which post you all would like to see next - either an apartment tour or a DIY macrame wall hanger. The majority of people voted for an apartment tour so today I’m giving you an inside peek into my home in Winter Park, Florida!  Ever since I was young I've been a fan of interior design - it's probably the only thing I like about … READ MORE

    Apartment Tour
  • Viking River Cruise Review

    Last winter, I embarked on an 8-day cruise to four countries - Switzerland, Germany, France and The Netherlands - along the Rhine River with Viking River Cruises and have such fond memories of this trip that I’m excited to share with you! My parents, roommate and three neighbors all left December 26th and returned January 7th, giving us the perfect opportunity to celebrate Christmas and ring in … READ MORE

    Viking River Cruise Review
  • 5 Ways to Live a More Positive Life

    To me, living a positive life doesn’t mean you’re happy 100% of the time. After all, if you didn’t have the hard times, you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the good. Living a positive life simply means making a conscious effort to focus more on the good than the bad, in any given situation.  Now I’m not saying I never get upset or find myself in a negative headspace, but I do think I’ve worked … READ MORE

    5 Ways to Live a More Positive Life