gallery wall

Earlier this week, I posted on my Instagram Stories a poll on which post you all would like to see next – either an apartment tour or a DIY macrame wall hanger. The majority of people voted for an apartment tour so today I’m giving you an inside peek into my home in Winter Park, Florida! 

vintage apartment tour

Ever since I was young I’ve been a fan of interior design – it’s probably the only thing I like about moving because it provides a blank canvas. There’s just something about creating a space that’s uniquely your own that gives me all the feels. I purchase a lot of my pieces going to local antique and thrift stores so some of my stuff can be a little hard to find but I’ll try to provide links when I can! 

When you first walk into my home, I have a small entryway where I set up a table and this wall piece of books with hooks that I found at Adjectives Market. I thought it was a unique and practical piece to be able to hang our keys, purses, and umbrellas. The Chinese decor was actually brought back to me from my brother and his wife when they visited China so I made sure it was hung in a spot I would see each day as I love collecting items from various countries. 

living room decor

My living room is definitely the hub of the condo. Whenever I have friends over we tend to hang out on the couch, drink wine and watch TV. We created a gallery wall with the majority of prints from Rifle Paper Co, which originated in Winter Park! Most of the prints are travel focused and typically from places I’ve actually been.

living room decor

My living room opens up to our patio, which we don’t use as much as I’d like, simply because Florida weather can be brutal ya’ll. Our patio overlooks a canal so we hear a lot of boat activity as the Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour runs through here and since we’re on a heavily trafficked road it gives me the city vibes that I’ve always wanted. I purchased most of my pieces, such as the planters + wall decor, from the Oviedo Antique Mall which I like to think is my little secret that I’m departing onto my fellow Orlando neighbors. One of my favorite things about the patio is the market lights that are set on a timer to come on around 7 through 10 pm.

patio decor

My room is probably my (and Lily’s!) favorite place to be. I was going for a more minimalist design so I wanted to have lots of white and then some pops of color and plant life.  I’m obsessed with my white bedding from West Elm and a lot of pieces in here are from Target, including the nightstand, mirror above the dresser and floor & nightstand lamp.

white bedding

mint dresser

So that’s my apartment! I know I didn’t show you my kitchen or dining room table but real talk I was just not loving the photos and wanted to make sure I got the post up today. I’ll probably include some photos in my Instagram Stories so follow me to see some BTS shots!

I hope you all enjoyed the post, let me know in the comments below if there’s something specific you would like me to link to if I missed it!

P.S. I love my condominium so much that I commissioned the below art piece from one of my friends, Lake Fair Lane. You should definitely take a look at her stuff – she perfectly captures the nostalgia of homes with her minimalist designs.

lakefairlane art