I want to start off by saying that just because I don’t cook much doesn’t mean I don’t love to eat. In fact, I think I’m a pretty trusted advisor on this subject considering I used to eat out every day for lunch. Bible.

But after acknowledging how bad that was for my health, not to mention expensive, I’ve been much better about eating at home. Since I have tried most of the local restaurants I wanted to create a quick snapshot of the best places to eat in Orlando for lunch.

Black Rooster Taqueria
If you’re a fan of tacos (and if you aren’t we can’t be friends) then I highly recommend you head over to Mills and check out Black Rooster. It’s the perfect spot for lunch with their contemporary Mexican tacos, bowls & ceviche. Everything they serve is fresh with delicious ingredients and you can taste the explosion of Latin flavors. Plus, the Day of the Dead themed decor makes for a unique setting among the Mills 50 District.
What to Order: Guacamole, carne asada and achiote pork tacos with a Corona. 

Pig Floyd’s Urban Barbakoa 
Another favorite restaurant in the Mills 50 District is Pig Floyds. Its rustic setting serves globally flavored BBQ dishes with craft beer. The place consistently has a nice crowd with its urban atmosphere and mouthwatering, literally mouthwatering, dishes. They celebrate being big on flavor and big on style – two things you can definitely feel when you walk through the door.
What to Order: Plain Jane Barbakoa sandwich with a side of fried yuca and a craft beer

Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux
Otherwise known as B3, this café is great for meat eaters and vegetarians alike.  Located in the Colonial Town Neighborhood, they are mainly known for providing cyclists a haven amidst the bustling city. With creations inspired by famous cyclists, they’ve mastered the art of making sandwiches.  B3 also prides itself on serving healthy dishes – something that I’m always in desperate need of.
What to Order: The Messenger sandwich with turkey. Bonus – dishes come with a side of jelly beans!

East End Market
For a variety of foods and flavors, East End Market is great for a lunch outing in the Audubon Park Garden District. From bakers to pasta makers to coffee roasters, this marketplace will satisfy cravings you didn’t even know you had.  I stopped in for lunch one day and enjoyed a delicious Turkey and Brie Panini from one vendor and then purchased a chocolate chip cookie from the Old Hearth Bread Co. I suggest you simply walk around and pick and choose what you want from the various local merchants!
What to Order: Dealer’s choice.

Orchid Thai Cuisine

Orchid Thai Cuisine
As a kid, I was not an adventurous eater. I mainly stuck to two main food groups – chicken tenders and hamburgers. While I still love these foods, I’m proud to say I have broadened my palate. Recently, I’ve been loving Thai food. I discovered this amazing Thai restaurant on Park Ave, called Orchid Thai Cuisine and their food is delicious – you can’t go wrong. 
What to Order: Panang Curry