Sunset in Greece

My aunt always told my brother and me that when we graduated from college she would take us anywhere in the world we wanted to go. She and I had always discussed going to Egypt, but since it wasn’t exactly the safest place to travel too we decided to pick another destination. Greek Mythology has always fascinated me so it wasn’t a hard second choice.

The summer of 2014 I was able to go to Athens, Rhodes, Santorini, and Mykonos – all in 12 days. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. From the Parthenon to the Grecian waters the trip had everything you could possibly want. It was the perfect blend of sightseeing and sunbathing at the beaches.

Below are some highlights from each destination:

Athens was one of those places where you feel like you’ve stepped back into time because of all the architecture and ancient ruins. One of my favorite things was the Acropolis. Sure, the trek to the top is a beast but once you get there and look out over the city you’re in awe. I had an awesome tour guide who talked to me about all the rich history and became my personal photographer.



When most people think of Greece they also think of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I am no exception. One of the things I really wanted to do while I was there was jumping off a cliff into the water. Well, I didn’t find a cliff but I did find a diving board in the middle of the ocean!

Another huge highlight of Rhodes was the castle. My inner art history nerd rejoiced.


Santorini was my favorite island that we visited. It was amazing to see all the shops and hotels built into the cliffs overlooking the caldera – not quite sure how that’s even possible. While we only spent one night in Santorini (my aunt hates heights) I wanted to make the most of it. So I booked a catamaran tour for one and spent the day swimming in the hot springs, snorkeling along the reef and watching the sunset over the water.  


Mykonos was the last stop on our trip and the most relaxing. We had an amazing hotel where we had our own private pool overlooking the ocean and the beaches were stunning. It was so nice to spend the last three days relaxing by the pool and shopping. We even went into town and were able to see the famous windmills.

I can’t imagine a point in my life when traveling becomes old for me. Everywhere I go I love the memories I have and once I cross one place off my list I’m usually already planning my next adventure. Let’s just say, I’ve got frequent flyer miles and I’m not afraid to use them.